INLINE Manuals

The links below allow you to download the PDF files for the manuals related to the INLINE 7, INLINE 6, INLINE 5, and INLINE 4 data link adapters and applications. The manuals include detailed information on how to install, use, and troubleshoot the INLINE family of products. If you need assistance with your PC, consult the documentation that came with it. For support, call 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467).

Manual - INLINE 7

Service Instructions - INLINE 6

QuickStart Guide - INLINE 6

Driver Installation - INLINE 5

Reflash Instructions - INLINE 5

Troubleshooting Guide - INLINE 5

QuickStart Guide - INLINE 5

This device is FCC and CE certified for North America and Europe and should be used only in those regions. Certification for other countries will begin in 2016.