Cummins Guidanz™ – Technology for Ultimate Efficiency and Uptime


Cummins customers can now enjoy faster service and better solutions thanks to Guidanz, our new and evolving suite of service products, features and capabilities.

Guidanz integrates web and mobile applications to make servicing or connecting to Cummins-powered products more efficient. This comprehensive system minimizes customer downtime, improves technician productivity, and increases overall satisfaction.

download-cummins-isx15-2013-brochuresWhen fully implemented, Guidanz will encompass everything associated with a service event – from fault code analysis and probable cause to likely repair parts and repair time estimates. Users will also be able to access diagnostics information and warranty coverage.

Guidanz is connected to Cummins global database, which constantly updates service histories from similar equipment around the world. This service data history allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose engine problems, know exactly how to fix the issues and get Cummins-powered equipment back up and running in a hurry.

Guidanz makes the service experience easier and more efficient for customers and service facilities alike.

Guidanz Web Application

The Guidanz service system integrates service information, diagnostic solutions and associated administrative, diagnostic, accessibility and repair information based on prioritized fault codes.

With Guidanz web, technicians won’t have to log into multiple sites and systems to determine possible repair solutions, or access repair instructions, service manuals and wiring diagram information; they'll be able to conduct faster, higher quality repairs.

Guidanz web will also put together claims systematically, and because this information will be built and validated throughout the service event, warranty administrators won’t spend as much time entering data and will experience fewer errors.

*The web application supports all Cummins engines. 

Guidanz Mobile App

Access the best features of the Guidanz suite from your smartphone or tablet. When paired with Cummins INLINE™ mini or INLINE 7 Vehicle Datalink Adapter, Guidanz displays Cummins fault codes and other key engine information.

Customers can provide this information to their home office or service provider to improve communication and speed up repairs. The Guidanz mobile app also links to the Cummins service locator and Cummins Care.

If you’re a certified service provider, you could have access to our Immediate Assessment (IA) feature within the Guidanz mobile app. With IA, service advisors can assess engine troubles before it’s even in front of a technician. Cummins certified service providers can use the Guidanz mobile app along with the INLINE mini Vehicle Data Link Adapter to plug in and get a full fault code report in just a couple of minutes.

This revolutionary feature provides repair time estimates, identifies the most likely repair parts and can even start the work order.

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*The mobile app is compatible with most Cummins engines produced after 2007.

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