Connected Diagnostics for Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet Maintenance


Cummins proprietary Connected Diagnostics system wirelessly connects your fleet’s Cummins-powered vehicles to our in-house analytics for immediate diagnosis of any engine system fault. Connected Diagnostics is compatible with most leading telematics platforms to provide your fleet team valuable maintenance information in seconds. 

How it works

cummins-fleet-diagnostics-software-diagramConnected Diagnostics is a standard feature (with telematics subscription) for all current Cummins heavy-duty truck engines.

When a fault occurs in a driver’s engine, key engine system and GPS data is instantly transmitted through the telematics connection. Connected Diagnostics software identifies and prioritizes fault codes, determines probable cause and delivers actionable reports. You’ll know whether the vehicle needs immediate service or is ready for continued use.

When necessary, Connected Diagnostics automatically identifies the nearest Cummins-certified repair location.

Benefits for fleets

Connected Diagnostics helps fleets around the world maximize uptime and vehicle availability by delivering the right information to make informed, time-critical decisions within seconds of a fault occurrence. Determining the root cause of a system failure to the component level then allows technicians to make repairs efficiently and get your vehicles back on the road.

As a unique feature of Cummins heavy-duty truck engines, Connected Diagnostics also provides engine performance derate timers, so you can evaluate whether to shut a vehicle down immediately or hold off until its return to the fleet’s maintenance center. These derate projections help you avoid progressive engine damage and reduce expensive equipment recovery charges. 

You can even view Connected Diagnostics data on your phone using our mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

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