Cummins Center of Excellence: Every Power Package, Customized.

Cummins Oil and Gas Center of Excellence is delivering a new range of factory-customized and integrated products specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual oil and gas customer.

To best meet the needs of these customers, the Center of Excellence is located at the heart of their respective businesses in Houston, TX, a primary hub of engineering and technology for the oil and gas industry.

The Center of Excellence uses Cummins standard processes to design, develop, assemble, and test its integrated packages. These processes ensure the customer receives a top-quality product that meets or exceeds specifications.  And, unlike many other custom packages, Cummins integrated packages come with a standard factory warranty that is valid globally, everywhere Cummins-authorized service is available through our network of over 600 Cummins distributors.

For more information, contact your Cummins Distributor.