Driver Training

Drivers all across the globe depend on Cummins engines to get the job done. We want to give drivers access to the latest news and tips to get the most out of Cummins engines.

Our Cummins Driver Lamp Identification Card is a new and improved tips card that provides the latest information on dashboard lamps, what they mean, and the actions drivers should take in response to them. It is currently available in English, French and Spanish. The previous Driver Tip Card is also still available in French and Spanish. You can open the below .pdf files and read online, or print from your computer:

4971518 Cummins Driver Lamp Identification Card
4971521 Cummins Driver Lamp Identification Card - French
4971522 Cummins Driver Lamp Identification Card - Spanish
4971407 Cummins Driver Tips Card - French
4971408 Cummins Driver Tips Card - Spanish

We also have two exciting new ways to learn about Cummins benefits: The informative and entertaining Cummins Radio CD, and the Cummins Driver Training DVD. You can order these from your local Cummins representative, and you can also access segments of the DVD online here.

Below, you can view the full playlist, or individual chapters from the Cummins Driver Training DVD. The playlist will play here on the page, and the individual videos will open in a new window. [broadband connection recommended]

Introduction to Driver Training (3:08)

MPG: Why It's Important (1:55)

Factors Affecting Fuel Economy (2:15)

Trailer Gap and Tire Inflation (2:40)

RPM and Fuel Economy (3:14)

Fuel-Saving Electronic Features (2:17)

Load-Based Speed Control (7:40)

Gear-Down Protection (5:21)

The Compression Brake (3:34)

Road Speed Governor (3:04)

Cruise Control (4:06)

Idle Control Features (4:01)

Trip Information (2:29)

Cummins Aftertreatment System (21:57)

Down the Road with Cummins (1:54)