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Cummins supplies reliable, durable, and efficient power for drilling. For land mechanical drilling applications, we offer a complete lineup of diesel engines from 185 – 2500 hp. For electric drilling applications, the Cummins Oil & Gas Center of Excellence delivers a range of factory-customized drilling power modules and oilfield gensets.

All our drilling products are backed by a global support team of engineering experts on call 24/7/365. Count on Cummins to keep your drill rig operating.

Land Mechanical Drilling Engines

EngineRatingEmissions Certification
QSX15400 – 600 hpEPA, EU
K19336 – 700 hpNon-certified
QSK19525 – 800 hpEPA,   EU
QSK23760 – 950 hpEPA
QST30850 – 1500 hpEPA
K38820 – 1350 hpNon-certified
QSK381085 – 1600 hpEPA
QSK451200 – 2250 hpNon-certified
K501250 – 2000 hpNon-certified
QSK501400 – 2500 hpEPA
QSK601875 – 3000 hpEPA

Land-based Drilling Power Modules
PackageRatingEmissions Certification
KTA50 DPM1740 hp @ 1500 rpm (50 Hz)Non-certified
QSK50 DPM1450 hp @ 1200 rpm (60 Hz)EPA Tier 2

Custom package solutions
available for all Drilling Power Modules and oilfield gensets.


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