Cummins Direct Flow™ Air Filtration

How is Cummins Direct Flow air cleaner different  from other air-intake filters?

Cummins Direct Flow air cleaner has been specifically developed for Tier 4 systems to provide a smaller, more flexible installation package and higher air filtration efficiency. This is accomplished by creating a direct-flow path through the filter media which is packaged in a rectangular configuration with a low profile design rather than a conventional cylindrical shape used for Tier 3 engines.  This new technology is an integral part of Cummins Tier 4 solution offering better engine protection and lower maintenance costs with the highest levels of efficiency over the filter life. 

With enhanced filtration efficiency, Direct Flow offers the opportunity to extend filter service intervals and reduce operating costs.

Direct Flow Elements
Service Intervals:

Filter change intervals may vary depending on application, duty cycle and environment. 

  • Cummins field tests have proven extended filter life and improved servicability compared with Tier 3 traditional cylindrical filters.
  • Genuine Fleetguard®  service replacement element will be available through your local Cummins Distributor or dealer as required in the maintenance schedule.
Find out more about Cummins Direct Flow with this brochure: Cummins Direct Flow by Fleetguard: REAL™ Performance in a Smaller Size [pdf, opens in new window]