Cummins Redefining Tour 2015

Cummins Redefining Tour visited dozens of cities across the United States and Canada throughout the summer and early fall of 2015. A fleet of Cummins ISX15-powered heavy-duty trucks served as the centerpiece for a mobile showcase of products and technologies available to North American trucking customers.

Customers learned about current and future products and technologies, were introduced to real 2017 prototype engines powering the fleet and interacted with displays highlighting Cummins heavy-duty truck engine lineup.

Taking to the road to demonstrate innovative products and the efficiency of diesel-powered vehicles is nothing new for Cummins. In 1931, Clessie Cummins installed a Model U diesel in an Indiana Truck Company chassis and drove it 3,214 miles coast-to-coast across the United States, using just $11.22 worth of fuel.

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Photos and Videos from the Road

We had a lot of fun on the road, and met a ton of enthusiastic Cummins fans. Their passion for our engines made the trip as exciting for us as the tour stops were for them. Check out these memories from our time crisscrossing North America during the 2015 Redefining Tour.

Download Your Big Rig Ringtone

Whether you’re a heavy-duty truck driver or just a fan of the powerful rumble of a Cummins semi-truck engine, you’ll stand out from the crowd with this distinctive ringtone. Your phone won’t just ring, it will roar to life.

Cummins Engine Startup

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Cummins Engine Startup

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