LAFAYETTE, La (October 23, 2007) - Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CMI) launched the Tier 2 QSK38 and QSK50 Drilling Power Modules at the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition in Lafayette, La. Building on the recognized success of their V12 and V16 KV Series, Cummins QSK product line has taken the legendary durability of the base engine and enhanced it with the proven technology of Cummins Quantum System electronics and Modular Common Rail fuel system found on their Tier 2 QSK19 and QSK60 engines. This performance and technology upgrade ensures not only Tier 2 emissions compliance but also quieter operation, better fuel economy, smoother power delivery and better idle stability.


The QSK38 Drilling Power Module is rated at 1034 hp (771 kW) at 1200 rpm and is integrated with a Cummins-manufactured AVK DSG86M generator at 1200 kVA and 600 volts. The QSK50 provides 1480 hp (1104 kW) at 1200 rpm and is coupled with a Cummins-manufactured AVK DSG86L6 generator at 1750 kVA and 600 volts. Both of these products are ideal for the durability, reliability and power density requirements of high-hour and hard duty cycle applications such as SCR drilling modules. Both the QSK38 and QSK50 engines share 70 percent of their parts with their corresponding KV predecessors and, with a track record of over 1,000 38-liter and 1,000 50-liter engines produced annually, proven reliability is assured every time.


"We've taken the long-proven Cummins KV 38 and 50-liter engines to the next level in performance and provided a high level of engine sociability along with emissions compliance. Cummins continuous investment in our proven products and technology goes a long way in enabling our customers to achieve the highest uptime at the lowest possible cost at every emissions level," said Jim Trueblood, Vice President of Cummins High-Horsepower Engineering. "Given that our power modules are developed with Cummins-manufactured engines, alternators, turbochargers, filtration and emissions solutions components, Cummins is uniquely positioned to provide a total solution to our drilling customers as a true single-source supplier of drilling products. Cummins remains focused on providing engine platforms, customer support and technology to the oil and gas market that are better than anybody else in the industry."


The QSK38 and QSK50 will utilize the Cummins Modular Common Rail fuel system, a design that enables full-authority electronic control over fuel timing, quantity, pressure and delivery rate shape. Precision control over the number of injection events enables optimum performance and dramatically reduced engine noise as well as emissions compliance. Cummins has been able to optimize the in-cylinder combustion system to meet Tier 2 NOx levels without increasing displacement or making significant configuration changes, which means minimal installation impact.


In addition, both the V12 and V16 engine configurations feature many durability-enhancing components. Proven single-piece Ferrous Cast Ductile (FCD) pistons allow for high cylinder pressures and increased power output contributing to a more than 10 percent increase in life-to-overhaul while reducing maintenance costs. When upgraded performance parts are coupled with Cummins fully sealed, foam-filled wiring harness and fail-safe connectors, and an upgraded Electronic Control Module that is isolated from detrimental vibration loading, high availability is assured.


Cummins Advanced Engine Monitoring (AEM) system provides a high level of visibility into the engine's performance with extended data logging capturing beneficial information on fuel consumption, duty cycle and load factor, operational trends, fault snapshots, and shutdown information. But more than providing usage information, AEM can integrate with equipment-based information systems and also provides a means for rapid troubleshooting.


The QSK38 engine is backed by Cummins industry-leading Mobile QuickServe® program. Cummins QuickServe offers factory-certified technicians the most sophisticated diagnostic and repair tools in the industry and the largest international parts and service network of any engine manufacturer.


Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA), Cummins serves customers in more than 160 countries through its network of 550 company-owned and independent distributor facilities and more than 5,000 dealer locations. Cummins reported net income of $715 million on sales of $11.4 billion in 2006.