COLUMBUS, Ind. (September 25, 2003) - Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CUM) today announced that its next-generation ISC and ISL engines will deliver increased performance and enhanced reliability to its customers in the medium-duty and vocational truck markets.

Cummins ISC and ISL engines feature a new High-Pressure Common-Rail (HPCR) fuel system resulting in increased performance, lower emissions and noise reduction by more than 30 percent.

"We have taken two excellent products - our popular and proven ISC and ISL - and made them even better," said Cummins Executive Director - Marketing Tom Kieffer. "With these engines, medium-duty and vocational truck customers will see an increase in performance and reliability while benefiting from lower operating costs."

The new High-Pressure Common-Rail fuel system gives the ISC and ISL multi-injection capability, reduced noise and emissions, and improved cold starting. Multiple-injection events spread combustion out, reducing engine noise by more than 30 percent.

The common-rail design maintains high injection pressures regardless of engine rpm, for exceptional performance across the entire power range.

The ISC and ISL have over three million miles of field-testing. The ISL features the patented and proven Cummins Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VG Turbo) by Holset that constantly adjusts airflow based on several factors, including engine load, altitude and temperature, providing improved transient response and vehicle performance.

Because the VG Turbo has only one moving part in the hot exhaust stream, it is more reliable and durable than competitive turbo designs which use flexible vanes with dozens of wear points and moving parts. Cummins patented design has been proven highly effective and reliable in more than 130,000 vehicles worldwide. The ISC uses a wastegated turbocharger, also produced by Holset.

Like the ISL, the ISC now includes roller followers for increased durability. Both engines feature mid-stop cylinder liners for ease of rebuild. The ISC and ISL also offer targeted piston cooling for increased engine life. Coolant flow has been optimized and balanced, effectively reducing cylinder temperatures. The use of Six Sigma design practices has resulted in significant improvements to the reliability and durability of individual components and the total engine design.

The ISC and ISL use the same Electronic Control Module and software as all Cummins engines, with all the latest diagnostics, prognostics, maintenance monitoring as well as antitheft, engine protection and engine shutdown features as standard equipment.

Maintenance, including the elimination of the water filter, the doubling of fuel filter maintenance intervals and the use of long-life coolants on both the ISC and ISL, has been simplified for lower overall operational costs.

Both the ISC and ISL will also benefit from a one-of-a-kind service guarantee offered exclusively by Cummins distributorships. Cummins recently introduced its new "Same Day Or We Pay" QuickServe® Guarantee available at every authorized Cummins QuickServe location in North America.

With this new QuickServe Guarantee, qualifying in-shop repair jobs, with a standard repair time of four hours or less, will be completed that same day - or Cummins will offer a $75 credit toward future Cummins parts and service.

Factory-trained QuickServe technicians have the appropriate repair tools and an extensive inventory of Genuine Cummins and Cummins ReCon® parts available. This ensures a fast, accurate, quality repair, every time.

Quick local support for the ISC and ISL is available at any authorized Cummins facility. Cummins has the largest network of service providers in North America, with 3,500 locations, and is the only manufacturer to offer a QuickServe Guarantee. The common-rail design maintains high injection pressures regardless of engine rpm, for exceptional performance across the entire power range.

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