Darlington, UK (November 16, 2005) - Cummins announces an Uptime Guarantee programme for its latest ISBe Euro 4 engines. It will provide assurance to the UK bus and coach industry that Cummins ISBe engines will not only meet, but will exceed customer performance and reliability requirements.

The concept of compensating operators for out of service downtime is relatively unknown in Europe. However, Cummins has significant experience in this area, and will build on the confidence provided by Uptime Guarantees recently launched in the USA for automotive and industrial products. Cummins has now created a comparable programme focused on the UK bus market. Under the latest Uptime Guarantee, if a customer's bus suffers a mission disabling failure due any element of the Cummins I.E.M. (Integrated Emissions Management) Euro 4 system, be it engine or part of the aftertreatment system, and the bus can't be placed back in service within 48 hours from fault diagnosis, Cummins will give the customer a £200 parts and service credit.

"We recognise that the bus industry needs reassurance over new Euro 4 technology. Our ISBe Euro 4 engines and SCR filter aftertreatment systems are proven, tested and highly reliable, as a result we are offering a money backed guarantee. We are confident that the Uptime Guarantee program will provide customers looking for high availability the additional assurance they need when purchasing vehicles powered by Cummins Euro 4 engines," said Neil Pattison, Cummins Automotive Business Leader for Europe.

The Uptime Guarantee applies to Cummins ISBe Euro 4 engines placed in service in UK buses from today. The coverage lasts for 12 months from the in-service date.

The programme builds on the strengths of Cummins ISBe product. The ISBe already provides excellent levels of reliability at Euro 3 and this has been further improved for Euro 4. Torque and power are also increased allowing the ISBe engines to move up to new application classes traditionally associated with engines of higher displacement. This gives operators the benefit of a common engine platform, with four and six cylinder variants, which will meet the requirements for midi bus, large single deckers, double deckers and coaches.

"The ISBe has always provided a high power to weight ratio, giving excellent performance whatever the application. The new higher displacement ISBe can now easily tackle the operational needs for double deckers without compromising passenger service levels. In fact the higher performance coupled with lower noise will provide an improved passenger experience," adds Mr Pattison.

The Uptime Guarantee allows operators to use Cummins Euro 4 powered vehicles with confidence. They are able to benefit from the higher performance and lower operating costs and also promote a positive environmental image to their users, having the latest emissionised vehicles with a Euro 4 solution which will also be applicable for Euro 5.

Cummins Inc. is the world's largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines. With over 24,000 employees, Cummins reported sales of $8.4 billion in 2004 and produced over 700,000 engines. A substantial manufacturing presence in Europe includes the mid-range engine plant at Darlington UK and the high horsepower engine plant at Daventry, UK.