Hannover, Germany (September 19, 2012) -

Cummins Filtration (NYSE: CMI), a division of Cummins Inc., has debuted its all-new NanoNet™ line of fuel filtration products that utilize nanotechnology in the filtration media, providing an exceptional level of efficiency and harmful particulate removal. NanoNet™ marks the first time that a nanotechnologybased filtration media has been commercially developed for fuel filtration products within
the industry.

The nanotechnology-based NanoNet™ filtration media is designed for EURO VI engines and currently available on the following Cummins Filtration FleetGuard® products: FF5810; FF5811; FF5812; FF5813; FF5814; FF5815; FF5816; FF6817; FF5819; FF5823; FF53093; FS53001 and FS53002.

Debuting exclusively with FleetGuard fuel filtration products, the company’s technologically-advanced NanoNet™ filtration media will eventually make its way into other Cummins Filtration product segments beginning in early 2013.

Cummins Filtration’s NanoNet™ nanotechnology-based fuel filtration media has been developed over several years of careful and extensive real-world field-testing to ensure an unrivaled degree of harmful particulate removal from fuel systems. What’s more, NanoNet™ fuel filtration products exhibit between 7-13 times greater retention of harmful particles within the fuel filtration media during engine vibration and fuel surge than its closest competitor. Fuel surge results in a fluctuation of fuel flow within the system whenever the engine’s output is increased or decreased (engine revs/throttle input are increased or decreased).

Of vital importance is the rigorous testing that Cummins Filtration undertook in its development of the remarkable NanoNet™ fuel filtration media technology – in real-life application where an engine and filter are subject to harm from exposure to dirt, dust infiltration and extreme vibration rather than relying solely upon fuel filter testing in more controlled static laboratory settings.

Because of the advanced technology and tighter component tolerances found in today’s sophisticated diesel engines – and the high degree of fuel contamination and/or fuel variation that can occur along the supply chain from the fuel refinery, transport/distribution system, fuel storage facilities, right up until it reaches a vehicle’s
fuel injection system – satisfactory fuel filtration has become more important than ever to ensure proper engine performance, efficiency and equipment uptime. Of note, the World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) has determined that a full 50 percent of the fuel dispensed at retail fuel pumps around the globe does not meet the necessary
cleanliness of ISO standards recommended by ISO 18/16/13 (ISO 4406 Contamination Code).

Cummins Filtration’s patented NanoNet™ fuel filtration media traps 98.7 percent of all particles as small as 4 microns (12 times smaller than the smallest particle visible to the human eye) to deliver superior protection and performance from expensive High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems running at pressures at or exceeding 30,000 psi (2000 bar).

For more detailed information on these and other Cummins Filtration fuel system products for your equipment, please refer to the FleetGuard Technical Information Catalogue (LT32599), visit Fleetschool at cumminsfiltration.com or contact your local Cummins Filtration product expert for assistance.

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Cummins Filtration Inc. is a wholly owned business unit of Cummins Inc. and the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of filtration and chemical technology products for all engine-powered equipment. The Company’s product lines cover a wide variety of applications and markets, including heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks; industrial equipment for construction, mining, agriculture and marine applications; as well as products for the power generation industry. The Company’s home page can be found at cumminsfiltration.com.

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