Louisville, Ky. (March 17, 2009) -

Cummins Filtration (NYSE:CMI) announced plans to extend availability and offering of Fleetguard® Diesel Exhaust Fluid to support all customer requirements for 2010 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-equipped engines.

“DEF will be widely available through all our Cummins distributor locations by October 1, 2009,” says Pamela Carter, President of Cummins Distribution. Customers will be able to easily access product through all 20 Cummins distributors at over 187 locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. DEF product will also be available through the extensive Cummins Filtration network, which includes over 20,000 locations with nearly 8,000 retailers in North America.

Cummins Filtration has been providing DEF since 2003, formerly sold under the StableGuard Urea name. Fleetguard DEF product is currently available in several packaging options, including bulk, 330-gallon plastic totes, 275-gallon disposable totes and 55-gallon plastic drums. Smaller packaging sizes and dispensing equipment are expected to be available by mid-2009.

“Customer needs will vary based on consumption, fueling procedures and other factors. Cummins Filtration is committed to offering dependable DEF supply solutions to meet these different customer needs,” said KC Hall, Director of Diesel Exhaust Fluid Business Development.  “While some customers will enjoy delivery of DEF product along with their other filtration products, other customers will opt for specific DEF supply arrangements to streamline their business processes.

“Cummins Filtration is fully committed to increasing DEF availability and knowledge in the marketplace by providing our customers with a full package of products, information and service options. A range of information, including education materials, is available from our web site, cumminsfiltration.com. Customers can access a detailed training module, fact sheets and product brochures. There are also several webinars planned to provide comprehensive information and guidance on Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The materials we have developed are designed to help customers understand how to best meet their specific business requirements,” said Hall.

DEF information can be found by visiting cumminsfiltration.com. Global distributor contact information can be accessed through the retail locator.

About Cummins Filtration
Cummins Filtration Inc. is a wholly owned business unit of Cummins Inc. and the world's leading designer and manufacturer of filtration and chemical technology products for all engine-powered equipment. Cummins Filtration cares about maintaining a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. Going beyond compliance, Cummins Filtration proactively seeks improvements to products and processes and offers environmentally friendlier product choices for all major engine systems. The company's homepage can be found at cumminsfiltration.com. In North America, customers can call Cummins Filtration Customer Assistance at 1-800-22FILTER (1-800-223-4583) for more information.