Odessa, Texas (October 19, 2004) - Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CMI) features the QSK50 diesel engine for the Oil & Gas market. This new engine will be available in 2006 and will meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Tier 2 emissions requirements. Joining the QSK45 in Cummins Oil & Gas product line, the QSK50 has an over 25 year lineage of proven platforms with its heritage in the K50 and the K2000E.

The QSK50, rated from 1400-2100 hp (1044-1567 kW), was developed specifically to meet the durability, reliability and high power density requirements of draw works, cementing, fracturing, mud pumps, blending and acidizing.

"We've taken the performance benchmark of the K2000E and given it the Quantum treatment along with some evolutionary durability and reliability updates to bring it to Tier 2. Essentially, this is another example of Cummins investment in the right products and proven technology to help our customers achieve the uptime they require," said Bernie Koczaja, Oil & Gas Market Leader. "Cummins remains focused on providing engine platforms, customer support and technology to the Oil & Gas market that are better than anybody else in the industry."

The Tier 2 QSK50 utilizes Cummins modular common-rail fuel system with full-authority electronic control over fuel timing, quantity, pressure, delivery rate shape and the number of injection events which provides optimum performance and emissions compliance.

Cummins Tier 2 QSK50 achieves a 30% reduction in emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and over 65% reductions in Particulate Matter (PM) from Tier 1 standards, while maintaining reliability and durability in extreme operating environments and still allowing customers to use all widely available diesel fuels.

The modular common-rail fuel system is fully integrated with Cummins CM850 Electronic Control Modules (ECM) enabling the QSK50 to continually maintain an optimum balance between load demands, fuel efficiency and emissions control. The new CM850 ECM is designed for isolation from detrimental thermal and vibration loading that ensures an unprecedented level of reliability in the extreme operating environments found around the world. The modular common-rail fuel lines also incorporate double wall protection for added safety.

The 50-liter, V16 configuration also features single-piece ferrous cast ductile (FCD) iron pistons that allow for high cylinder pressures and increased power output with exceptional durability while reducing maintenance costs. The Tier 2 QSK50 will be available for high-altitude Oil & Gas applications featuring two-stage turbocharging.

Cummins engines will feature an in-cylinder emissions solution that ensures minimal OEM installation impact. Limiting installation impact is a real benefit to OEMs as it significantly minimizes any re-engineering of the machines. Cummins has been able to optimize the in-cylinder combustion system to meet Tier 2 NOx levels without increasing displacement or making significant configuration requirements. In addition, the Cummins Tier 2 advanced combustion solution provides a stable engine system that will carry customers through to Tier 4 in 2011 with the addition of aftertreatment.

The QSK50 is also available with uptime increasing options of CENTINEL™ and ELIMINATOR™. The CENTINEL™ Advanced Engine Oil Management System enables operators to extend oil change intervals to as much as 4,000 hours. The ELIMINATOR oil filtration system eliminates the need to replace and dispose of used oil filters and decreases lube system maintenance costs by as much as 90%.

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