Cummins Compact Catalyst - A "Fit & Forget" Solution

Cummins 6-cylinder, QSB6.7 engine with ratings up to 173 hp (129 kW) and 4-cylinder, QSB4.5 and QSB3.3 engines ranging from 85-hp to 163-hp (63-126 kW) will meet the 2012 low emissions standards with an integrated Cummins Compact Catalyst exhaust aftertreatment and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system incorporated with the engine.

The cooled EGR system enables more fuel efficient, clean combustion to reduce Oxides of Nitrogen, while the Cummins Compact Catalyst reduces particulate matter (PM) from engine exhaust by simple, flow-through passive oxidation.

Particulate aftertreatment technology is new to the off-highway equipment industry – but it is not new to Cummins. The Cummins Compact Catalyst represents the latest evolution of diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment, manufactured by Cummins Emission Solutions for over fifteen years. The maintenance-free catalyst provides the installation simplicity needed for Tier 4 Interim engines below 174-hp (130 kW). 

How does the Cummins Compact Catalyst differ from a typical DOC?
Cummins Compact Catalyst has been specifically designed for the QSB6.7, QSB4.5 and QSB3.3. The catalytic coating and substrate is unique to these engines and provides optimum performance without compromising engine transient response or reliability.

How does the catalyst remove particulate matter (PM)?
The catalyst removes PM by a process of simple, passive oxidation.  An oxidation catalyst is a flow through device that uses precious metals as a catalyst.  A chemical reaction occurs at normal system temperatures that allow a reduction of PM in the exhaust.

Does the catalyst create more noise or heat than a muffler?
The catalyst will be custom sized for the application and will not create additional noise or heat compared to a standard muffler. The equipment will need to retain a muffler for noise reduction. We offer the Cummins Compact Catalyst as a separate unit or combined with the muffler. This offers installation flexibility.

Does the catalyst need to regenerate, like a DPF?
No. The catalyst does not operate by either passive or active regeneration, typical of a Diesel Particulate Filter. The catalyst works by a simple process of continuous passive oxidation of the PM as it flows through the system. This oxidation is initiated by the normal temperature of the exhaust. No additional fuel injection is ever needed to increase this temperature.

What is the life of the Cummins Compact Catalyst?
The Cummins Compact Catalyst is designed to last the life of the engine.

Does the Cummins Compact Catalyst require any regular service or maintenance?
No. The catalyst is a flow through device that does not require maintenance because it is not capturing soot or ash, very similar to the catalytic converters found on your passenger car.

With no impact on equipment operation the catalyst offers a robust and maintenance-free “fit and forget” solution, ideally suited for compact equipment and rental applications.