Cummins Care is a robust solutions center helping to prevent issues, provide answers quickly and reimburse accurately. We are your connection to a whole new level of customer service that is always on to support and deliver faster personal attention with rapid results.


Cummins Connected Diagnostics™ wirelessly connects your engine system to the expert guidance of Cummins during an engine system fault. By transforming Cummins engine system data into effective, actionable information, Cummins Connected Diagnostics removes the guess work. Instantly delivered to you or anywhere you require, this information helps immediate action to be taken to maximize the uptime of your Construction Equipment.



Cummins Guidanz™ is a suite of genuine service products, features and capabilities. It maximizes efficiency by streamlining processes associated with a service event. Guidanz enables you to gather and disperse critical engine fault code data to provide quicker and more accurate service for greater customer satisfaction and improved uptime.







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