ADEPT™ is a suite of advanced electronic features for the ISX15 and X15 Efficiency Series engines that interact with automated manual transmissions, dynamically adapting to operating conditions to help even novice drivers operate as efficiently as the most seasoned and efficient professional. ADEPT enhances fuel economy with no impact to productivity, harnessing the electronic capabilities of the engine and transmission to make powertrain control decisions in real time.

The system continuously makes minor adjustments to speed, power and transmission gear to take advantage of vehicle momentum, maximizing efficiency and using less fuel while allowing the driver to concentrate on the road ahead.

Spec’ing ADEPT enables you to leverage the full advantage of a Cummins X15 Efficiency Series engine with an automated manual transmission, achieving up to a 6 percent incremental fuel economy gain by using SmartTorque2, SmartCoast, and Predictive Cruise Control.

Cummins ADEPT technology is now available as an upgrade for 2013 ISX15 or newer engines rated between 400 and 475 hp with an automated manual transmission. Upgrading your engine with ADEPT features has the potential to increase fuel economy by as much as 5 percent.


SmartTorque2 is the next generation of torque management technology from Cummins that was first introduced with the SmartAdvantage™ Powertrain. SmartTorque2 senses both the selected gear and overall engine load as a result of the gross vehicle weight, aerodynamic drag and road grade. As those conditions vary, SmartTorque2 determines the exact amount of torque needed to maintain road speed and eliminate unnecessary downshifts. That ensures steadier engine operation, with more time spent inside the “sweet spot” – the rpm range that achieves the best fuel economy.


With SmartCoast, the engine and transmission work in concert to improve the efficiency of coasting events. On moderate downhill grades, the driveline will be disengaged, allowing the engine to return to idle and reducing drag on the vehicle. That results in conservation of the vehicle’s momentum and improved fuel economy. That feature provides the greatest benefit on moderate rolling hills.

Predictive Cruise Control

Predictive Cruise Control utilizes your GPS position along with an on-board map database to dynamically adjust speed and torque. It “sees” the road 2 kilometers ahead and adjusts vehicle speed, slightly increasing speed to build momentum as you approach an incline. Then, as you near the top of the hill, Predictive Cruise Control rolls back off of the throttle, taking advantage of gravity to further improve fuel economy.

Cummins Route Parameter Manager kit contains the GPS mapping information to unlock Predictive Cruise Control. Once the kit is installed, a simple recalibration of the ECM will activate the full suite of ADEPT technologies.

Flexibility For The Future

The ADEPT platform can be easily upgraded to take advantage of upcoming advances for greater efficiency. So you can buy or upgrade your Cummins engine today with the assurance that it will be capable of achieving even higher efficiency in the near future.

Every Question, Answered

To learn more about ADEPT, call Cummins Care at 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-343-6467) or see your Cummins distributor or dealer.


ADEPT Aftermarket for ISX15 2013 and Newer [.pdf, opens in new window]