COLUMBUS, Ind. (January 18, 2010) -

Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) and Buhler Industries Inc. (TSX: BUI) today announced details of a Tier 4 Interim test program under way with a Versatile High Horsepower Tractor (HHT) Series four-wheel-drive tractor powered with a next-generation Cummins QSX15 engine. The HHT Series test tractor features a fully integrated system from air-intake to exhaust aftertreatment meeting U.S. EPA and equivalent Canadian low-emissions standards that take effect in January 2011.

The QSX15-powered tractor is engaged in a rigorous field test program that mirrors the tough duty cycle and high load factors typically undertaken by the Versatile HHT Series. The installation program is operated by a joint team from Versatile and Cummins. The Tier 4 Interim field test tractor has demonstrated improved fuel efficiency and faster engine response compared with the current Tier 3 baseline installation.

The HHT Tier 4 Interim program has been accelerated by utilizing virtual installation modeling ahead of prototype integration. The virtual installation work significantly reduces the engineering time and resources required to integrate the Tier 4 system.

“We are really excited to be working with the engineering team at Versatile on this groundbreaking project. It sends a clear message that both companies are fully committed to bring the right technology with reduced operating costs and better performance to farmers in 2011,” said Rob Neitzke, Director, Cummins Global Off-Highway Business.       

“Versatile is making rapid progress with performance validation, and their large-frame four-wheel-drive customers can expect the next-generation QSX15 to be an even better engine than the Tier 3 engine they experience today," added Neitzke.                                      

The Versatile HHT Series four-wheel-drive tractor has established an outstanding reputation for dependability and productivity in large farming operations across North America, equipped with the Tier 3 Cummins QSX15 rated at 435 hp (324 kW), 485 hp (362 kW), 535 hp (399 kW) and 575 hp (428 kW).

The next-generation QSX15 developed for Tier 4 Interim emissions compliance  features Cummins new XPI Common Rail fuel system, the most advanced in the industry with extra-high pressure fuel injection. XPI enables the engine to deliver faster power and torque compared with the Tier 3 predecessor.

Cummins new Direct FlowTM air cleaner includes an integrated sensor for monitoring temperature and pressure to ensure optimum airflow.

A fully integrated Cummins Particulate Filter in the exhaust stream reduces Particulate Matter (PM) by 90 percent to meet Tier 4 Interim, while cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) enables the QSX15 to reduce Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) by 45 percent compared with Tier 3.
Rapid Tier 4 Integration

The joint Versatile and Cummins team is now focused on developing optimum engine ratings and electronic calibrations for Tier 4 installations across the Versatile tractor range, with power curves shaped to realize the full potential of the powershift transmission.

“The performance results from the QSX15-powered Tier 4 field test tractor have surpassed our initial expectations,” commented Grant Adolph, Chief Operating Officer, Versatile. “The tractor runs cleaner, quieter and more fuel efficiently.                             

“We already know the QSX15 engine is inherently strong, and we have proven that the Cummins Particulate Filter in the exhaust stream can also meet the highest shock load and vibration levels out in the field.

“Our Tier 4 HHT program provides a valuable learning experience that we can use as a basis to rapidly move ahead with other Cummins Tier 4 prototype installations. Using virtual installation techniques, we can identify opportunities to improve packaging efficiency before work commences on the prototype installations.

“We can also use virtual fuel consumption analysis to fine-tune various tractor and engine features at an early design stage to realize the best possible fuel efficiency. By taking the fuel maps and duty cycle data of the current Tier 3 tractors as a starting point, we then build up a predicted fuel consumption across the power curve of the intended Tier 4 Interim powered versions.

“Using virtual installation and fuel consumption analysis means we are able to fast-track Tier 4 system integration work,” explained Adolph.        

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