QSL9 for Recreational Marine

Available for: Marine


QSL9 for Recreational Marine
  • Dependability and long life proven through thousands of hours of reliable commercial and trawler operation
  • Clean, quiet operation with virtually no startup smoke from the high-pressure common-rail fuel system
  • Excellent fuel economy for long range cruising
  • Peace of mind delivered by the Cummins Captain’s Briefing and global service network


Configuration  In-line 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Bore & Stroke  114 mm x 145 mm (4.49 in x 5.71 in)
Displacement 8.9 L (542 in3)
Aspiration       Turbocharged/Aftercooled

Counterclockwise facing flywheel

Engine Finder Specifications

Certification Level Tier 2 / Stage II
Power 285 - 405 hp / 213 - 302 kW
Torque 983 - 1194 lb-ft / 1333 - 1619 N•m


Rating mD/HO  HD/HO CD/HO
Metric hp 405 330 285
bhp 400 326 281
KW 298 243 210
Rated rpm 2100 1800 1800
Max Torque ft-lbs 1194 1145 983
Max Torque N-m 1619 1553 1332
rpm @ max torque 1400 1400 1400


Fuel System:  Cummins High-Pressure Common-Rail; handed spin-on Fleetguard fuel filter

Lubrication System:  Handed spin-on Fleetguard lube filter

Electrical System:  12-volt and 24-volt systems available

Coolant System:  Sea water heat exchanger cooling system; Keel cooled system available

Emissions:  EPA Tier 2, IMO, and RCD certified

Brochures Available

Title Bulletin Number Request View  
Cummins Inboard Joystick Flyer 4087327 Request View  Download
Cummins Zeus Pod Propulsion Sales Sheet 4087291 Request View  Download
QSL9 Quantum Series Engine Spec Sheet 4087254 Request View  Download
Recreational Marine Diesel Engines Brochure With Spec Sheet Inserts 4087293 Request View  Download
Recreational Marine Products Guide 4087295 Request View  Download


Every Cummins marine engine is backed by a comprehensive warranty that is valid and consistent worldwide. Most products also include an extended warranty that covers major components for up to six years. Encompass extended protection plans allow you to customize the amount of coverage required for your vessel's application. A variety of choices including the number of hours, years or the option to include travel are available, so you won't have to pay for coverage you don't need.

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