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Over 50 years of experience and development goes into every Cummins natural gas engine. The result is superior uptime, durability and performance in compression, generator and pump drivers. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged natural gas engines are available across a wide range of ratings.

To get the most from your Cummins natural gas engine, set up the engine according to the site specific conditions, including gas quality, ambient temperatures and elevation. Use Cummins online gas analysis tool (link opens in new window) to determine the proper settings for your specific engine rating and site conditions.

KTA38GCE / KTA38SLBKTA19GCE / KTA19GCESLBKTA19GCG855E / GTA855EG855 / GTA855QSL9GG8.3E / GTA8.3SLBG8.3 / GTA8.3G5.9EG5.9 and GTA5.9
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