Cummins Logo

Cummins LogoThe Cummins logo is the primary symbol used worldwide to represent our company, our products and our people. Our logo appears in black and white and is available for download below.

Color Standards
The Cummins logo should always be printed in black or white but cannot be printed in red. Red is the primary color for backgrounds. The preferred color combinations for use of the Cummins logo include the following:

Black on White

White on PMS 485 Red

White on Black

Black on PMS 485 Red

Trademark Integrity

  • Don’t place the logo inside a box
  • Don’t use the logo in an outline form or fill with a pattern
  • Don’t allow other graphic shapes to touch or overlap the logo
  • Don’t condense, stretch, reshape, add to or alter the logo in any way
  • Don’t fill the type in the logo with a color different from the background
  • Do use approved color – logo should only appear in black or white
  • Do leave space around logo
  • Do use approved logo art files that can be found below
  • Do email us with questions at              

Control Field
A minimum clear space must be maintained around the Cummins logo. Type and other graphic elements that are not part of the background cannot enter the control field. The control field is the distance equal to 1/2 of the space between the two legs of the logo around all sides of the logo.

The primary need for the control field is for applications such as wall decor, banners, promotional items and web banners that require promotional copy to be grouped closely with the Cummins logo.

If you need specific engine or facility images, contact

View high-resolution black logo (right click to download) [.gif, 7.7 kb]
View high-resolution white logo (right click to download) [.png, 12.8 kb]

View low-resolution black logo (right click to download) [.jpg, 31.1 kb]
View low-resolution white logo (right click to download) [.png, 3.93 kb]