Cummins Inboard Joystick

Cummins Marine joystickThe Cummins Inboard Joystick is a docking system designed specifically for use with traditional inboard engines and transmissions. We used our joystick control expertise and utilized a new class of DC thrusters with extended run time capability to bring boaters a new level of confidence in close quarters and around the docks with simple inboard powered boats. Cummins also backs up every component in the inboard joystick system with the same warranty and global service and support network as the Cummins engines. You will be surprised where you can dock with the joystick confidence provided by the Cummins Inboard Joystick.

Inboard joystick features
  • Cummins applications expertise ensures each vessel need is met with four thruster size options – 95kg, 125kg, 160kg, and 220kg
  • Compatible with all recreational ratings of Cummins engines
  • Multiple station capability – 3 lever stations and up to 5 Joystick stations
  • 12V or 24V controls
Inboard joystick advantages
  • Inboard Simplicity
  • Minimum components
  • Confidence at the helm
  • Engines, controls, harnessing, thrusters and Cummins supplied thruster tubes supported and warranted by Cummins.

The diagram below visually shows the actual movements of the vessel based on the Cummins Inboard Joystick input.

Cummins Inboard Joystick diagram

Scott Malindzak, Cummins Director of Engineering, explains the Cummins Inboard Joystick, a new thruster-based docking system, in the video below. You can view more Marine videos on the CumminsEngines YouTube channel.